Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ode to the Naariyal Paani guy.

This is an ode; not to the fat old man who sells coconuts right outside my hostel, but to a BEAUTIFUL (and I do mean beautiful) foreign exchange student I saw one day on my way to class gracing the coconut stall. I wrote this in German class while battling Schlaff, so forgive the bad rhyming.
I saw your face amongst the fronds,
My heart it did leaps and bounds.
I willed myself to not act too friendly,
You were busy sipping some naariyal paani.

Days and days passed me by,
But I saw you not, I heaved many a sigh.
I contemplated putting up a spycam et al,
Hoped to catch you at the coconut stall.

Then my spirits that seemed so tragic,
Soared one day in a class of Logic.
No one watched you walk by but me,
As I revived my stalker-plans with glee.

I realise I look like an utterly unemployed stalker in this, but I really am not this creepy. Let's just say I wrote this in furtherance of my art; poetic licence, shall we say?