Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chennai vs. Kolkata

I'm a Bengali girl who was born in Chennai and has lived all her life there (barring one and a half years spent in Kolkata) so I guess I have a little bit of an identity crisis. Kolkata is definitely the more happening, cooler city among the two; plus I have loads of friends there who are possibly even crazier than I am, so it is great fun to visit. Chennai is the calmer city. It's cleaner and much more developed than Kolkata.
So this post is about how sick it makes me when the folks from Kolkata make fun of Chennai. Yes, it's just joking, I understand. But I spent about 12 days there recently and I had to endure mocking of so-called "Tamilian" accents for all 12 days, so pardon me if I get mad about it. If it wasn't my friends it was my neighbours; although my friends weren't as bad as the neighbours. I don't need to worry about them reading this because they'd probably be too busy partying to ever go through my blog (the neighbours).
I'm very proud to be Bengali, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my culture and I'm ashamed I don't know more about it. (I can't write the language; I can read it, extremely slowly though). But what absolutely disgusts me is how lots of north-Indians think they are somehow higher up the evolutionary ladder than south-Indian people. Well excuse me, but Kerala is probably one of the most developed states in India and Tamil Nadu doesn't come far behind either.
So what if Tamilians have a Tamilian accent? Dude, the Bengali accent isn't heights of cool either! So shut up, all of you!!!


P.S. - As I wrote this, in case you didn't realise, I was mightily ticked off.