Thursday, May 8, 2008

All Hail the King.

My dad, on my 14th birthday, gave me a double-cd pack of Elvis Presley. (No, no, he hasn't even heard of him, but he knows I like music so he randomly picked three cds for me :P). I, at the time, squealed excitedly, because I was looking to diversify my music tastes (which consists of what plays on the Top 40 channel in my WorldSpace Radio), but then cast it aside in my little yellow cd-box, preferring the Bon Jovi numbers instead.

Much later, me and this cousin of mine who was over for the weekend, were watching VH1 and it was Elvis Night or something. I groaned and switched channels because that's what I do when Hinder/John Mayer/Beyonce/Avril are not playing :P. My cousin, in case I failed to mention, is like a huuuuuuuuuuuuge oldies-music addict. He excitedly asked me to change back to Elvis and I protested. But since I'm so nice (:P), I relented, and we went back to VH1. Cousin Dearest then started telling me how women went crazy about Elvis, and his intense voice, and the way he absolutely controlled the crowd. Blah.

The next day was Bhaiphota, which is the Bengali version of Rakhee, and my brother gave me this BIG wrapped-up present. And when I tore it open, it turned out to be a book: Elvis Presley. Unseen Archives. Again, I was all excited for all of three minutes. The book was banished to my table. My cousin went back to Bangalore, because that's where he works. When he came online, almost a MONTH later, he asked me if I'd read the book. I went all, 'Oh, yeah! I've started it, and it's really interesting.' I was hoping he wouldn't begin questioning me about it and he didn't. But I HAD started. The first three pages. It wasn't like the book was boring, I just had better things to do. But then, out of guilt that day, I began reading it, and I practically devoured it.The book was basically loads of pictures with follow-up writing beside each picture. But it gave plenty of fodder about his life. And what a life! His promiscuous ways, his discerning charm, and his (apparently) oh-so-sensuous voice (I still hadn't listened to the cds) proved to be quite a good read. Inspired by the book, I picked up the cds, and hence began my love affair with Elvis.

The first song I fell in love with was 'Can't Help Falling In Love.' At risk of being corny, in his slow songs, his voice just reaches out through the speakers and caresses the listener. His faster songs, the most popular of which is Jailhouse Rock, are way too good too! Completely foot-tapping, and completely different from the other songs of that period. Elvis was criticised heavily in his time, when he was just being recognised as a star. Anyway, some of my other favourites are Love Me Tender, King of the Whole Wide World, One Broken Heart for Sale, Shake That Tambourine, Such An Easy Question and They Remind Me Too Much Of You.

The lyrics are so cute! They totally make me smile. All the songs I've heard are only the songs he's sung for his movies. They're obviously pertaining to the story, so it's not like Elvis wrote them himself, but still. I guess I've grown to be a little partial where he's concerned. :P. Listen to him, all you non-fans, and join the rest of the world. :)

P.S. - This is an edit. - My dad apparently, does know of Elvis. :P